Woman to woman massage

A growing number of woman likes to experience the relaxing, sensual and also erotic massage done by another woman.

Especially for you ladies we offer some masseuses in out team specialized for this topic. Our masseuses will tread you with all the respect and great dedication. In a personal conversation, your wishes are discussed in advance and the masseuse explains what you can expect. Youself always dictate how far it goes.

From spa and hot stone massages to candlesticks and nuru massages, you can choose from a variety of massages. With us you are in safe hands.

Enjoy the magic of touch.

The following masseuses offer this kind of massage

Masseuse: Alice,29 years
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Masseuse: Mia,28 years
Masseuse: Morgane,25 years
Masseuse: Rafaella,26 years